• Metro Detroit-based White Glove debuts web-based seminar and community education platform
  • Financial expertise critical for consumers to navigate unprecedented market turbulence

April 20, 2020 [DETROIT] — In response to the unprecedented market volatility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, White Glove announced the launch of a new web-based seminar and education platform for financial advisors to reach and counsel their clients remotely. 

White Glove is the leading seminar planning and community education platform for financial advisors and other service professionals. The Metro Detroit-based company has hosted tens of thousands of seminars since beginning operations in 2015 and offers meticulous service, attention to detail and turn-key support. They bring these same strengths to bear in a digital platform that financial advisors and other service professionals can leverage to deliver critical financial education to their clients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Given the volatility in financial markets, demand is at an all-time high from consumers looking for financial guidance,” said White Glove CEO Evan Kramer. “As venues for seminars have closed due to social distancing efforts, White Glove is rolling out web-based alternatives for live seminars to ensure the public continues to receive financial and legal guidance during the current market conditions. These alternatives allow our financial advisor and service professional clients to continue to share their expertise while growing their business.”

Financial Services is a Critical Infrastructure Sector as defined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Workers in Critical Infrastructure Sectors have a special responsibility to maintain their normal work schedule. As an increasing number of state and local governments implement shelter-in-place orders to combat the spread of COVID-19 and Google searches for “financial help” at an all-time high, White Glove’s virtual seminar programs help financial advisors present to groups of consumers on topics ranging from Social Security Maximization to how to reduce Taxes in Retirement and Retirement Income Planning strategies.

While nearly all businesses have needed to adapt in some way to the COVID-19 crisis, the financial sector has been particularly impacted by the global pandemic. Dramatic market fluctuations, weakening credit and model-busting projections have left investors in dire need of sound financial guidance. White Glove’s Virtual Seminars allow experts to dispense that critical advice quickly and safely. 

“The challenge for everyone is how can we still keep things personal in the digital world,” said Dean Thurman, White Glove Co-Founder. “White Glove is on the leading edge of turning a cold digital world into a more friendly world. We’re working hard and improving these options every day. Human psychology teaches us that 55% of communication is body language and 38% is the tone of voice. Seeing someone’s face – even if through video – helps with creating rapport and connection because they can see the host, their gestures and voice inflections.” 

Those approaching, or in retirement, face unique challenges from the pandemic, not all of which are solely financial. Many in this population are particularly vulnerable to the worst effects of COVID-19, and are unable to attend an in-person financial seminar. As they prepare for their financial futures in the midst of a forecasted global economic downturn, financial advisors are needed more than ever to assist in the navigation of the retirement system. 

A recent study showed that 98% of Americans do not have a financial advisor. White Glove Virtual Seminars can bridge the financial education gap.

White Glove’s new web-based products are tailored to help service professionals provide this vital information to their communities without having to sacrifice presentation quality or group interactions. To make this transition as seamless as possible, White Glove is crafting and deploying multiple communication touchpoints to guide seminar registrants to their new educational options. Several options are available to their business-to-business client base, some of which include a Virtual Seminar option intended to take the place of a live seminar.

To learn more about White Glove, visit http://www.whiteglove.com or call 844-949-9497.

About White Glove

Founded in 2015, White Glove is the first and only online and in-person seminar planning company focused on helping financial advisors, attorneys and other service professionals get in front of people to grow their books of business. With its unrivaled “done-for-you” program, clients benefit from a proven, start to finish, worry-free white glove service — saving them time, effort and money. Based in metro Detroit and a part of the Rock Family of Companies, since its inception White Glove has produced more than 15,500 seminars across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit https://www.whiteglove.com.