— Rapid deployment of enterprise software with dynamic people search, employee profiles and integrations with communication tools

— Six months free for new customers registered by May 29

April 6, 2020 [DETROIT] Sift, the modern people directory, today announced that it is offering its enterprise software for free to businesses adapting to remote workplaces amid COVID-19. The Detroit-based workplace collaboration company is launching the “Work Together, Apart” program with an extended six-month free trial.

Sift’s aim is to keep workforces connected as they work remotely with streamlined people search, robust profiles and integrations with enterprise communication tools. With this offering, Sift hopes to make it easier for organizations of all kinds to rapidly respond to external pressures by allowing the right team members to find, connect and work with one another quickly.

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While gaming may be the primary attraction at New Zealand’s casinos, the non-gaming entertainment options available are equally enticing. Whether you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate at a luxurious spa, enjoy a captivating live performance, or indulge in gourmet dining, New Zealand’s casinos have it all. So, the next time you visit a casino in the country, be sure to explore these innovative entertainment options and make the most of your experience.

“As millions of workers shift from their corporate offices to their home offices, it’s vital that they still be able to find each other,” said Sean Jackson, President and Co-Founder of Sift. “We founded Sift to ensure that people can stay connected and understand the mix of skills, experiences and interests that make each of their colleagues unique. We’re sharing our modern people directory platform at no cost with any organization seeking to ensure their workforces can stay connected during these times where we need each other more than ever.”

Sift provides a key complement to digital communication systems by ensuring that colleagues can find and connect with the right individuals in their organization, and go beyond their job titles to understand the people they are working with. Microsoft alone has seen a spike of 775% in its cloud services in the last month, and global use of Slack has risen nearly 500% since the beginning of the year. Sift integrates directly to act as the modern people search and directory for these and other popular collaboration tools.

“In early March, we rapidly moved almost all of our 20,000 person workforce to work-from-home. Not only have we been able to both protect our team members and help flatten the curve in the communities where we work, but we also experienced an increase in productivity during an incredibly busy and challenging time for our business,” said Bob Walters, President and COO of Quicken Loans. “Without innovative tools like Sift, it’s unlikely we would have been able to adapt and collaborate so quickly.”

Organizations interested in the “Work Together, Apart” program should register by May 29th for six free months of Sift. To learn more, visit https://get.justsift.com/work-together-apart/.

About Sift

Sift is the modern people directory for connected enterprises. Our powerfully simple people search, dynamic org charts, and rich employee profiles enable collaboration and problem solving across your entire organization. Sift integrates with existing HR data systems, collects additional information from team members and LinkedIn, and works as a stand-alone solution or embeds seamlessly into your intranet. Leverage the power of your workforce by making anyone and anything searchable. To learn more, visit www.justsift.com.