The product line marketers are using to motivate consumers during the pandemic

Dec. 1, 2020 [DETROIT] — There are a lot of unknowns that make engaging customers especially challenging right now. Quikly, a Detroit-based martech company, developed a new product to help consumer-facing brands urgently motivate their customers. Quikly Swap is designed to target key consumer segments and incentivize actions that create acquisition and retention — fast.

Brands like American Eagle and Vera Bradley are using Swap to exceed marketing goals and foster direct relationships with new and existing customers.

“Partnering with Quikly on these targeted campaigns has allowed us to seamlessly drive different segments of customers toward their next best action, producing a positive lift on desired behavior across all segments,” Jamie McKinley, Senior Manager of CRM Strategy at American Eagle Outfitters, said.

Swap is just one of Quikly’s customizable products that helps marketers leverage incentives and psychology to immediately increase consumer response around specific marketing initiatives. Quikly’s team of experts handles everything from strategy through execution, decreasing the load of marketing teams already stretched thin, allowing them to save their bandwidth.

“Not only did we see a spike in growth directly from the Quikly engagement, but it was able to help put us back on track for the year with continued growth month over month,” Jillian Speck, Brand Marketing Manager at Vera Bradley, said of just one of her team’s digital activations with Quikly.

Quikly’s entire product line includes Swap, Drop and Hype. Each one is a low-effort, quick solution to run more actionable marketing promotions that drive sales and key performance indicators.

“Quikly has outperformed any other growth efforts Vera Bradley has tried thus far for social media,” Speck confirmed. Her team has also leveraged Quikly to grow substantially higher acquisition into its text message marketing program.

Because discretionary spending is down, unemployment remains high and foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores has decreased, this technology provides a critical solution to marketers. It offers a fun, motivating way for consumers to digitally engage with brands while offering them incentives they’ll value.

In an uncertain economy, companies need to successfully navigate uncharted territory in the midst of a global pandemic — and the survival of a brand depends on each team’s ability to technologically adapt and serve their customers quickly.

About Quikly

Consumers are more distracted and empowered with their purchase decisions than ever before, making it all too easy to tune out even their favorite brands. Quikly’s technology platform helps. We leverage incentives and psychology to motivate consumers, so marketers can immediately increase response around key marketing initiatives. Brands like American Eagle Outfitters, Domino’s Pizza and Vera Bradley use Quikly to achieve acquisition and retention goals faster, more cost-effectively and with less resources. For more information visit