February 24, 2021 [DETROIT] — InvestNext, the technology company that streamlines fundraising, communication and payout for real estate investors, today announced it has closed a seed round of $600,000 to grow its team and online platform. The seed round is led by Detroit Venture Partners and joined by Invest Detroit, Ludlow Ventures, and strategic customers who have become flagship partners for the startup.

“Real estate investment firms lose tons of time to tedious activities during the lifecycle of a deal, from raising capital to distributing it. Those back-office inefficiencies are even more burdensome for independent syndicators,” said Kevin Heras, CEO and Co-founder of InvestNext. “We empower these firms and entrepreneurs to engage their investment teams, raise and manage capital more effectively, and streamline all that busy work.

InvestNext is positioned to become the go-to management software for private real estate investors. The platform is purpose-built to enable syndicators to easily manage investments, raise capital, centralize key documentation and communication, and automate investor distributions. With a sophisticated CRM and secure personalized portals, sponsors can engage and inform investors with a rich white-labeled interface, streamlining traditionally tedious and inefficient tasks while providing radical transparency.

“Tens of thousands of investors already rely on InvestNext to manage billions of dollars,” said Kate Hernandez, Partner at Detroit Venture Partners. “The InvestNext team has collaborated directly with the marketplace to continually improve and augment the platform, leading to a highly efficient and user-friendly experience. Their determination and industry expertise make them an ideal addition to our portfolio, and DVP is thrilled to be a part of their growth.”

The Detroit-based startup is leveraging the seed funding to significantly scale its engineering team. They also plan to add growth-focused roles to the company.

“We grew from a handful of pilot customers to more than 70 in just 15 months, solely by word of mouth,” said Chief Technology Officer Michael Gisi. “We realized, we have something here and it’s time to turn up the loudspeaker. We’re excited to continue perfecting the user experience of our platform and helping more investors leverage the power of real estate.”

About InvestNext

Detroit-based InvestNext is on a mission to democratize real estate investing. InvestNext streamlines tedious tasks and acts as a centralized source of truth to engage investors, raise capital, report and distribute returns, and more. Its user-friendly platform empowers investors to make a meaningful impact on the communities in which they invest. InvestNext was co-founded in 2017 by serial entrepreneurs Michael Gisi, Kevin Heras and Matthew Attou. Learn more at investnext.com.